Commercial Tyer/Guide Courtesy Program Guidelines

Everything You Need To Know

Firehole Outdoors offers a commercial tyer courtesy program, which provides discounted pricing on Firehole Sticks and Firehole Stones, to certain individuals in the fly tying and fly fishing industries. At this time the program is limited to full-time commercial tyers and full-time licensed guides/outfitters.
Firehole Sticks and Firehole Stones are the only products for which the discount applies. These products are currently available in retail packs ranging from 40 to 50 pieces.
Payment is due at the time your order is placed via credit card or PayPal. We do not offer payment terms.
To qualify for the program you must be an established business. For tyers this means that you actively market and sell flies tied by you and you must have the appropriate business license for the city and/or state where you reside. A Federal EIN is not considered an appropriate business license. For guides you should have an appropriate guide license for your state/locale. Should a guide license not be required where you reside/guide then you may be asked for references.
If you are approved for the program we expect you to purchase products for your personal use only. Purchasing products for others using your discount is grounds for your immediate termination from the program.
This program exists as a courtesy to individuals who are making a living or supplementing their livelihood in the fly tying/fishing industry. This is not a Firehole Outdoors "Pro" staff program. Any reference to yourself as such may be cause for your removal from the program.
This program expressly prohibits you from reselling Firehole Outdoors products as individual pieces, multiples or complete packages. We expect that you are purchasing the products for use in a tied fly. Obviously, you may sell those however you wish.
We are a bit old school at Firehole Outdoors. I still remember the days in my youth when someone’s word was all that was necessary to bond a relationship and I dearly want to be able to run this business in that manner. To that end if you, as a participant in this program, decide to use our products, I ask that you respect the brand and we respect each other as business partners. Seems fair.
These guidelines (terms and conditions) govern the sale of Firehole Outdoors products under the Commercial Tyer Courtesy Program in order to maintain our reputation for high quality products and to protect our brand(s). Violation(s) of these guidelines may result in the termination of your participation in the program. Firehole Outdoors maintains the right to update these terms and conditions from time to time as our business grows and changes.
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