The Magnetic Fly Bench

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Don’t let this happen to you

The Magnetic Fly Bench is a solid addition to your fly tying bench. With a footprint of 8″ x 10″ it is not obtrusive or in the way. The overall height of the bench is just less than 0.25″ (not including the hackle gauge pin). The Magnetic Fly Bench is designed to sit next to your vise and become an integral part of your fly tying work space.

The Magnetic Fly Bench is Patent Pending.


The Construction

Constructed from 0.063″ laser cut aluminum sheeting topped with a 6″ x 9.5″ 60 mil high strength magnet. Sitting on six 10mm x 3mm rubber feet.

  • Precision Laser Cut Aluminum
  • Textured and Anodized
  • Laser Engraved

The Laser Etching

The surface of the aluminum is laser etched with a general bead size reference for hooks size #2 – #22. Also included is a hackle gauge for hackles sized #4 – #24 as well as dual rulers; one six inches and the other fifteen centimeters. Note: The texturing of the aluminum will at times show through the laser etching.

  • Hackle Gauge #4 – #24
  • Bead Size Reference
  • Dual rulers: 6 inches | 15 Centimeters

The Magnet

The magnet is printed here at Firehole Central and is adorned with a 1/2″ spaced grid across the entire surface. Also included on the surface is a Composite Loop gauge for creating the perfect dubbing loop and a four-inch, 90-degree radius graph for those of you who need specifics and precision in measuring your materials.

  • Surface grid (1/2″ or cm)
  • Composite Loop Gauge
  • 90-Degree Radius Graph


  1. DO NOT clean the magnet surface with any chemical or liquid. You will cause permanent damage. Use a soft dry cloth for cleaning.
  2. The Magnetic Fly Bench IS NOT a cutting mat. Cutting on the surface will cause permanent damage.

Detailed View

Now available in your choice of english or metric for the magnet grid components.


Graphic Options

Choice of graphic is included in the price of the Magnetic Fly Bench


Also available as a grid only option.


Personalize your Magnetic Fly Bench

You have the option to upgrade your Magnetic Fly Bench with a personalized message. You may choose up to 35 characters, including spaces, for your customization.
We will then create the customized graphic and build your Magnetic Fly Bench from scratch!

(Firehole Outdoors reserves the right to reject any customization that, at its sole discretion, is deemed inappropriate.)


Please note: This is the only customization that is offered.