Firehole Sticks 839 – 50 Pack


Streamers and buggers covered here. Details below.

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About the 839

This 839 is a really nice, heavy streamer hook. Great choice for buggers and traditional streamers. Plenty of room for beads or cones. Stupid sharp, do not slip when packing hair!

  • Characteristics
    This is a 3X length hook with a 2X gape. It has a down eye and is formed from a extra heavy weight wire. It will initially be available in sizes #2 to #12 with the potential of sizes #14 and #16 in the future.
  • Materials
    As with all Firehole Sticks, this hook is made from high strength carbon steel, which is properly hardened and tempered. The hook is chemically sharpened and finished with a black nickel coating.


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