Hook-Based Weight Management System | Calculator

Use the following calculator to determine the cumulative weight of the individual components of the Firehole Hook-Based Weight Management System. If you are not using a Firehole Stick then the weight is the total additive weight to the hook you are using.

Please note the following:

  • If you select Yes for Using a Firehole Stick? below, the calculator will automatically switch between round and slotted stones as appropriate for the hook style.
  • The calculator does not include Firehole Sticks 419 as that hook is not recommended for the weight management system.
  • If a hook size does not appear in the list it is because that size is not appropriate for any size of Tear Drop.
  • All weights are and average of fifty (50)random pieces. 
  • All bead weights reflect raw, unfurnished tungsten,
  • All weights in the calculator are rounded to 100th's of a gram.
  • This calculator DOES NOT contain logic that determines the practicality or physical fit of any combination of Stones, Bug Bands, and/or Tear Drops to a particular hook. Those decisions are at the discretion of each individual tyer.