Just a Temporary Home…


For sales of Sticks & Stones

What is Going On? Where's the Home Page?

We are making pretty big transition as we look to the future of Firehole Outdoors. I’m trying not to be wordy but, I have always been transparent with our supporter base and sometimes it takes a few words. I am going to cover these bullets below:

  • A little background
  • The Transition
  • Gigantic Sale!

Those of you that have been with us since the beginning know how much my beloved bride, Deb, has been a part of this company. In truth without her support keeping me focused, Firehole Outdoors would never have come to fruition. You may have noticed my notable social media absence over the last 18 months. During this time I was dedicated to caring for her in illness and it breaks me to tell you that we lost her last August. I have hesitated to share this publicly, but this significant life change is a driving factor for the timing of our transition.

What we are doing and why

Firehole Outdoors is sunsetting the direct to consumer portion of our business and making significant investments into growing our direct to dealer business. We currently serve roughly 200 dealers worldwide, shipping to every habitable continent. Our direct focus will be on developing our US based dealer network with an emphasis on local fly shops and online retailers, staying away from big box national chains.

This allows us to reduce our active SKU count from 1,400+ to 700+, creating significant opportunities for streamlining operations and focusing our inventory and capital investments.

This means that this website, fireholeoutdoors.com, will become an informational portal for all of our current products and those that are forthcoming. I will also put in place a dealer locator for you.


The sunsetting of the direct to consumer business starts right now! All remaining Sticks (including shanks) are 25% off retail, including our new 316 #24 & #26! All Stone products (beads, bands, teardrops) are 35% off retail. Moreover, I have a limited release of 1,000 packs of hooks, 1,290 of them, to be exact. Not every hook/size is available in this format, but it ranges from the largest Predator hooks to our smallest hooks.

This sale will help reduce our repackaging requirements and help move capital into new inventory.