Designed in Bozeman. Tested Everywhere.

Proudly bringing you Firehole Sticks. 100% Original Designs.

Do not settle for a copy that simply "compares to Firehole." Buy the original. Buy Firehole.

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New Magnetic Fly Benches!

Check out the new Limited Edition Magnetic Fly Benches as well as our Faith Series of Magnetic Fly Benches!

We have also reduced all of our sticker prices and added a 3-pack option!

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Limited Editions!


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Sticks & Stones

Firehole Sticks

Designed in Bozeman. Tested Everywhere. That is not just a clever marketing shtick. It's the truth. I am proud to say that you will not find another US based company selling barbless fly tying hooks that can say that they have actually taken the time to design their entire line from scratch. None. 

New. Fresh. Sharp. Strong

Firehole Stones

A bead is a bead is a bead. Right? Yeah, pretty much. No beads designed here. What I did was spend two years testing hundreds of color options to bring you a unique line. I also spent that same two years working to perfect the matte finish. Hard and refractive. Let me introduce you to the only all matte line of fly tying beads. 


Firehole Sticks*




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* Firehole Sticks 811 comes with 40 sticks per box.